06-4791B Starter Motor

  • 4 Brush-high driving torque
  • Ball bearings for efficient/easy spinning
  • O-ring sealed motor for gas and water exclusion
  • 9 tooth pinion provides a 15.78 gear reduction ratio for an 11% improvement in torque over the 10 tooth presolite with 14.2 gear reduction ratio.
  • Net weight 2.16kg,  Approx 2 Lbs lighter than stock unit.
  • Completely bolt-in interchange...NO MODS REQUIRED.
  • Also available in Chrome 06-4791/C




Heavy Duty Starter Leads

Strong, yet extremely flexible to allow for an easy installation.

No starter will drive strongly without upgraded leads, and these are especially important with an upgraded starter motor.

Mk 3 Replacement Dash Light Kit.

These high quality lights are very similar in appearance to the originals, and provide an elegant solution for original style refurbishments.

They utilise analog bulbs, which ensures the indicator warning function operates correctly.

NB. Dash and decal are for display purposes only, and are not included.